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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Build A Puppy

My kidlet has been begging for a puppy. Well, not begging in the conventional sense, as he can only string together so many words. Every time we see a puppy he points at it and says "Puppy!". I say, "yes honey that is a puppy, very good!". To which he replies "I puppy" (he can't say "I want" yet, so he says "I..." ex. "I juice", "I milk", "I puppy"). At this time, I launch into an explanation about how living in an apartment is too small for a puppy and we have to wait until we have a house with a yard. I'm fairly certain this explanation goes in one ear and out the other and that he has no idea what an apartment is. Thinking that using good manners will help, he says "I puppy please". I again say no and he pouts for about 5 minutes until something else grabs his ever so short attention span.

So today we were at the mall and as we were walking past Build-A-Bear, on the way to my favorite store, which OF COURSE is right next door, the kidlet starts shouting "PUPPY!!! I PUPPY!! I PUPPY!!" He was pointing wildly and I'm thinking "not right now...PLEASE!" Turns out he was pointing at a stuffed puppy in the window of Build-A-Bear. (Thank God!)

So today, we got a new puppy! It turned out to be a really fun outing for both of us. We made a wish and filled up our new friend so he's nice and squishy. The kidlet got to name him and he chose...wait for it...wait for it...puppy (of course). We brushed puppy and and got his birth certificate. I am lucky enough to have a child who is not at all interested in dressing up his puppy, so the whole thing only set me back $12! And I don't even have to potty train it! The kidlet has been beaming all day, showing EVERYONE his puppy and carting it all over the house showing him things. He's so happy he glows. Which of course makes me glow too!!

And, I'll never forget the look on my parents' face when I announced I had bought the kidlet a puppy..PRICELESS!!

Happy Labor Day!