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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am now the proud owner of a 3 year old!!

It's official! He's 3!! The birthday weekend is over!! All it took was 2 cakes, 1 batch of cupcakes, 1 fabulously expensive party, 50 or so gifts, and the untwisting of 975 of those stupid wire things they use to keep toys in the box. So in case you were missing the recipe of "how to make your kid totally happy and high on sugar," there you have it!

And to celebrate myself and how wonderful I am for actually giving birth, I had a pomegranate martini and fettuccine alfredo for dinner last night!

I had totally planned to write something meaningful about how happy/sad I am that my precious babeeee has now turned 3 years old which I'm pretty sure makes him an actual little boy and not a baby anymore, but, I'm tired. And so, a picture instead!

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"They're mine!! ALL MINE!!!!"


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